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An intern at Active Bulgarian Society would:
Стажант в Активно българско общество би:
📌Give regular presentations at schools and universities
🗣Coordinate a team and delegate responsibilities
✍️Work with social media on a daily basis
🔝 Improve skills and competencies for personal, educational, and
professional development.

➡️ Get practical knowledge of the use of software programs.
➡️ Learn to develop projects, workshops, initiatives, etc.
✍️ Know how to write in a well-structured and smooth style.
➡️ Create events(that support their projects) and posts for social media
🇪🇺 Receive a certificate.
🎓 Who can apply? Current students and graduates:18-30 years old.
🏢Place: Mall Of Blagoevgrad/ not online/.
📌Want to join? Apply here:
Deadline 20.04.2024
⚠️Warning: You will be making an impact & having fun at work. That is
potentially addictive.
ActiveBulgarianSociety team,