10 months EVS in Szczecin, Poland
Date of mobility: September 2017 - June 2018

“Our long term EVS project is concentrated on developing 8 key competences while doing various volunteer activities like working with kids, supporting the work of Regional Volunteer Centre and local nongovernmental organizations. The aim of the project is, for you, to gain and strengthen mentioned competences and to promote voluntary service as an interesting way of spending free time. During this time you will be presenting your culture, country, ideas and creative approach in organizing activities for kids, youth and local community. You will have a chance to participate in many workshops that will help you develop the skills in working with kids, will show you the basics of management, Social Media, idea of being a volunteer. Those workshops will prepare you to work in the chosen area, which could be kindergarten, middle school or NGO office – depending on the specific project.”

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Special EVS projects in Poland and Finland


1. 12 months EVS in Pori, Finland ️ „International Youth Houses"
Date of mobility: September 2017 - September 2018

“We want to offer the young adults from other parts of Europe a possibility to get valuable work experience here in Finland. Volunteers can get to know the profession of Finnish youth work and our versatile working methods. From experience we know that the volunteers also give us new perspectives and ideas to our work. We give our volunteers the possibility to plan and execute activities of their own, according to their strengths and interests.”

Youth Exchange "Theater For Rural Youth" 07 – 17 October 2017, Teregova village, Romania
Age of participants and requirements: 7 participants from Bulgaria 16 to 26 years old + 1 group leader aged 18+
About the project:
Theater for rural youth is a project that brings together 48 participants from 6 countries Romania,
Bulgaria, Italy, Poland, Slovakia and Macedonia.
The project consists of a youth exchange which will be implemented in Teregova, Caras-Severin,
Romania, between 07 and 17.10.2017.
The main objective of our project is to offer rural youth the opportunity to become active citizens in the
community and able to cope with a job interview at any level.

Търсят се учители

53 свободни работни места са обявени в учебни заведения в Благоевградска област. В НПГ „Димитър Талев“ в Гоце Делчев са обявени 7 работни места: учител по български език и литература, 2 места за учител по английски език; учител по биология и здравно образование; учител по музика и 2 места за учители в направление „Туризъм“. В ПМГ „Яне Сандански“ в Гоце Делчев се търсят двама учители по информационни технологии, учител по английски език, двама учители по история и цивилизации, учител по физическо възпитание и спорт.В спортното училище в Сандански са обявени 6 свободни позиции: учител по музика; учител по биология и здравно образование; учител по изобразително изкуство; учител по психология и логика; учител по етика и право; учител по философия.

Youth Exchange "Zero tolerance for intolerance" that will be held from 10 till 18 of November 2017 in Rakičan, Slovenia
Dates: 10.11.2017 - 18.11.2017 (9 working days)
Place: Rakičan, Slovenia
Who: 6 Bulgarians participants (18-30 years) & 1 group leader (no age limit)

Summary of the project:
The European Youth exchange 'Zero tolerance for intolerance' will bring together 35 youths to strengthen the awareness that all people are equal and have the same rights as well as enhance the awareness that human rights are granted to us in order to make use of them, and

Mobility for youth workers, Carreer counselling", Valaská-Piesok, Slovakia, 23 - 30.09.2017
Dates: 23.9. - 30.9. 2017 (8 working days)
Place: Strojárenská 10, Valaská-Piesok, Slovakia
Participants: 30 youth workers, social workers, volunteers (5 people from Bulgaria)

Training will develop skills of people working in/with our NGOs in job counseling and career guidance. They will learn how to transmit and teach the relevant information for their beneficiaries (youngsters, clients, people in community) better – how/where to search for job


В Champions Factory си търсим някой млад ентусиаст, който иска да бъде на едномесечен стаж в София, стартиращ ASAP.
Работата е свързана с Европейски проекти в сферата на младежта и спорта, като ще обхваща:
- обработка на текстове
- административна работа
- работа по уеб-сайт
- работа в социални медии и много други.

Човекът трябва да:
- работи на всички Microsoft office програми без проблем
- владее Български и Английски език перфектно говоримо и писмено