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We cannot get ahead of Yahoo, Google, and Yandex and create the ultimate search engine but we can use them to build our business and win from them.

We are used to start where others give up and that’s why we are sure that if you are really that good, that you are not even looking for a new opportunity it is worth meeting each other. And how will you learn more about us depends on how well you are indexed on your professional experience.

We are sure that at first you will think – I already have a job, business, and clients and then we remind you that the bot will stop crawling websites before we stop, until we find the Lord of the search engines or one of us.

We are a Dutch company creating the best 360-degree and SaaS eCommerce
online platform for all-in-one online stores:

Product storage;
• Online store;
• Call center;
• Marketing;
• Accounting and more.

NEXT BASKET is аn innovative platform for starting, managing, and developing a successful online business in 28 countries. It is the first platform in Europe to offer an all-in-one ecommerce assistance.

We start with the basics - warehousing services and building an online store - to get to every little detail, including multi-channel trading with over 340 functionalities, over 90 external integrations, and 112 free and paid services.

The software architecture of NEXT BASKET provides opportunities to build a functional online store devised for rapid growth. The processes are backed by microservice technology, 85% coverage of software code with tests, high-tech ERP and warehouse fulfillment system for monitoring and resource planning, machine learning for process automation, and the latest generation of elastic scaling technologies.

Here is how you can impress us:

• You know how to create an army which can conquer not the first pages but the minds of customers
and prove that in business not everything is just an algorithm
• We said army – a team of people you can create train and lead. Of course, we are ready to provide
budget and opportunity to hire the special forces of SEO.
• To put it in another way – you chose the strategy and how to inspire your team to make it happen.
The only requirement is to use only white hat techniques.
• Experience in planning, organizing, leading, and of course controlling the overall SEO strategy, as
well the results from it on a company level with an interrelationship between managers, external
experts and subcontractors.

Numbers are important and necessary, but we know that there are people behind them, and they are better than the bots of the search engines.

If the competition discusses key words, we want to make dreams happen. And when everyone is fighting for first page, we want to win the hearts of our clients, partners, and colleagues.

Organizational functions

• You have the freedom to choose your SEO strategies (onsite, offsite) and the tools you need to
achieve them.
• The only criteria we use for success is the Result where others have given up. You remember our
slogan, right?
• If everyone is fighting for the quality of the links, they build we fight for the quality of the people that
create them.
• Every day to be a link and a position ahead of the competition and reserve the second place for
• Analyze the trends, efficiency of the campaigns and taking measures to improve them are part of
your everyday life not just cliché phrases
• Pick your team and your allies – including subcontractors. Remember -you are the strategist, but
you have an army which can bring you the victory.
• Traffic is important but we want result which for others is still a plan and dream.
• You believe in numbers, results, and stats – there are enough day dreamers, the ones on first page
are only few.
• Articles, links, key words for you are resources that can win money and clients and not just another
dull task in the system

Managerial functions

• You pick the stars in your team and your allies in the company.
• To inspire not just manage your team.
• To enjoy and celebrate your results while the competition is still analyzing them.
• You chose who and how to contribute for your success no matter if he/she is in your team or
• Pick your own budget as long as the Income is higher than the expenses.

Your competitive advantages are:

• Experience in management and proven results as a Marketing Manager or Director for at least 2
• Experiences as SEO specialist for at least 4 years.
• You can motivate your team to achieve results where others make up excuses and give up.
• You have experience with ScreamingFrog, DeepCrawl, and Moz, SEO analysis tools (Ahrefs,
Semrush, and SEOptimer), and web analytics software (WebTrends, UserTesting, and Google
Analytics), and other tools for analysis that is so impressive that for you this is just a standard
computer literacy.
• You are great at managing budgets so that even when you just run a test it proves to be a net
positive campaign.
• Impressive level of written and verbal English.

Our Offer:

• Any unit generated in profit will form your bonus scheme and not just from our business but form
tens of others as well.
• The team is our fortress, army, and our competitive advantage.
• Take the company on the next level and prove that Pandas, Pinguins and others can be just cute
animals and not scary updates.
• From home, office, beach, or mountain – you choose where to run your campaigns and strategy as
long as it inspires you and is coordinated with the management and team.

Time for specifics:

• A starting salary of 7,500 BGN net, next step will be proportionally to our ranking and determined by
your successful leadership for up to 8,500 BGN net. Plus, other bonuses which we can discuss on
the interview itself.

If you made it to this point and read everything, I think it is worth it to learn more about you and discuss your income.

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