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Лице за контакти Весела Лачева
Публикувана на 01/01/1970
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Публикувано 05/16/2023
Минимално образование Университет
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Минимален опит 2 години
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Начало на публикуване 05/16/2023
Край на публикуване 05/31/2023
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Head of SEM HERO

In the past, there were wars on the battlefield for land, riches, and strategic advantage today on the business field there is one war – the battle for positioning yourself on the first page!

At the same time, customers are being more and more precise in their research, and clicks and they don’t have any time to waste.

In these hard business times of battling for the attention of the customer and unlimited marketing budgets, the economy and the businesses need the heroes that can win the battle with the ads in the search & display networks – people like you!

Google, Yahoo, and Yandex have billions in budget, thousands of experts, and AI, and we have the newest kid on the block called NEXT BASKET!

We are a Bulgarian company

NEXT BASKET is a 360-degree business model with innovative 5-in-1 e-commerce solutions, which include:

• Software platform for online stores
Specialized in e-commerce software written in best practices

• Integrated ERP system
Having finance and merchandise management features

• Fulfillment warehouse software
Designed for warehouses that place online orders

• Own warehouses
Fulfillment warehouses in different countries around the world

• Multiple e-commerce services from our staff
112+services, some of which are free and some of which are paid

And You, our SEM Hero!

We are sure that you are ready for the big game if:
• You are ready to change the world of online business and create internet empires;
• You know how to create demand, clicks, views, and sales, while others are still printing flyers and putting up billboards;
• You can be the Robbin Hood on the web, the person who protects his clients, friends, and partners from being robbed by fake clicks and malware bots;
• Take decisions based on numbers and results and not on others’ opinions and thoughts;
• And while the competition is discussing budgets and making analysis you create what they read about and copy.

Organizational functions or the rules of the Internet battle:
• Freedom while choosing designs, landing pages, and keyword combinations. In this battle everything is allowed, and, in our mission, we must use other heroes and allies;
• You should be indexed on the following keywords: Passion, winning and you have a strong firewall against despair and complaints. Only then you are ready to be the hero we are looking for and please don’t waste your time waiting;
• You should be ready to test, analyze and eliminate weak campaigns and develop successful ones. In doing that you will need a budget and a good product so suggest the budget and let’s discuss it;
• And if you need more superheroes in the team, just point us to them and we make sure you get them in your team;
• Views and clicks can be important, but we prefer results since we want to win, not just spend the budget.

Managerial functions or You have the freedom to:
• Pick and adjust your team as you need to achieve the best results;
• To be copied even by the creators of the algorithms;
• To achieve such results that even Google is no match for;
• Manage, create, and win from the advancement of e-commerce and not watch from the sideline;
• Create satisfied customers and raving fans that are even more than the budget of the competition can achieve. Just leave them wondering how they can be in second place again.

Your competitive advantages are:
• You have experience in the management of various search, shopping, and display campaigns along with a proven track record in managing teams and budgets of at least 1 year;
• Deep understanding and working with Google Ads for at least 3 years;
• Master of paid search platforms with Google, YouTube, Bing, and Yahoo includes a solid understanding of each engine’s core features, as well as a technical understanding of each engine’s advertising capabilities;
• You have a track record of generating results where others usually give up or make excuses;
• Present and prove the efficiency of at least one profitable Google Ad campaign that you managed;
• You can create and present reporting and analysis which make Google Analytics look like a tool for dummies;
• You managed your budgets so well that conservative financial managers approved spending without hesitation;
• Google Ads and/or Bing Ads certification are a strong plus;
• English on such a level that you didn’t even know there are online translators.

Our offer:
• Any unit generated in profit will form your bonus scheme and not just from our business but from tens of others as well;
• If the competition has experts, we have heroes – and as it turns out they are the ones that history remembers;
• To be able to protect the businesses, the entrepreneurs, and experts and help create other heroes in the niche, economy, country, and why not the world;
• From home, office, beach, or mountain – you choose where to run your campaigns and strategy as long as it inspires you and is coordinated with the management and team.

Time for specifics:
• A starting salary of 8,500 BGN net, the next step will be determined by the successful campaigns and income and can be up to 10,000 BGN net, including additional benefits such as a friendly office, professional trainings, additional medical insurance, Multisport, discounts in a list of various businesses, among others

If there is still no indexation of your salary, we think that this is a good enough reason to discuss together how we can write history that others will read about.



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