Internship in Active Bulgaria Society 20.09.2017 - 20.01.2018

Are you looking for a practical /learning by doing/ internship in an European NGO? Do you have interests in how to develop and implement a project proposal in the frame of the Erasmus+ Programme, Horizon 2020, European citizenship, Human rights, International strategic partnership, and capacity building? If the answer is YES, Join our team аt Active Bulgarian Society.

Who are we? ABS office is based in Blagoevgrad but we work all around the world, cooperating successfully with the public institutions, universities, other local and foreign NGOs mainly in the field of non-formal and informal education and active youth participation.

Duration of the traineeship: 4 months, from 20 September 2017 to 20 January 2018

Main responsibilities: Development and management of European projects which aims to introduce young people to the functioning of European programs, as well as the essential link between policies - Programs - EU projects. The internship will help the participant to develop practical skills and prepare proposals. You will have the great opportunity to work in an international team, learn how to be an EVS coordinator and how to assign tasks for the new members of our team.

Skills, Knowledge and Experience required: - Ability to juggle and prioritize/manage multiple projects - Studying communication, media, economics, business or linguistics. - You have an excellent grammar and spelling skills that you are realizing in your everyday communication.

- Writing fast is nothing new for you.

- You handle websites, Office programs and other software in an intuitive way.

- You are self-confident, work accurately and efficiently.

- You are excited to work for one of the most successful and innovative organizations in Europe.

- Supports the publications of materials in the corporate website and the Facebook pages; - Knows how to prioritize and distribute tasks;

- Wants to gain experience and knowledge in the non-governmental sector;

Prefers to have flexible working time and space;

What can we offer to you: a robust atmosphere in an NGO team… we are positive, cooperative, social, highly skilled and motivated colleagues who support each other in all our projects and tasks. Does it sound as the next step in your professional career? If the answer is YES, then fill in the application form:

At the end of the internship you will receive an official document certifying the internship, as well as a letter of recommendation from us. In addition, you will learn first about our upcoming projects. You will have an advantage over all other candidates if you want to participate in them. There is also possibility the internship to be conducted as s student practices

Deadline for applying: 15th of September.

Our office is located at the Mall of Blagoevgrad, 2nd floor. In accordance with the company policy and the Protection of the personal data legislation, we inform you that all documents will be treated as confidential.