Are you looking for an internship to further develop your skills and knowledge? Mastering what you already know in theory by expressing it in practice? Active Bulgarian Society and our young inspiring team are trying to make a positive change in the world. Our mission comprises developing the intercultural exchange and dialogue between young people, eco-initiatives, volunteering, active youth, citizen participation, and holding debates on relevant topics concerning our society. We are having an open position for a Social Media Marketing - Content Creator Intern /15-20 hours per week/. The position is in our office, not remotely.
\uD83D\uDC69Forever young:
We are shamelessly energetic & full of (crazy) ideas. You too? Great, our office is where you can finally feel at home.
\uD83C\uDF33Truly not monotonic:
We are reasonable people. That is, we understand that working in one place might feel a bit tedious. Thus, ABS will give you everything: work at the desk, field & home, as well as trips abroad.
For us willing to learn beats any hard skill. Moreover, our work gives opportunities to learn & create (marketing, communication, project writing – you name it).
Because we are an organisation for people by people. Our space is open to everyone. And, we are never shy of organising a great event here. BBQ anyone?
\uD83C\uDF0FPartners worldwide:
We are recognized internationally because of the hard work and talent of our team. This allows us to build partnerships & take on projects across the EU & beyond.
We are Bulgarians, Dutch, Belgium, Estonian, French, Germans, and Spanish, but our working language is English. Our volunteers come from as far as Mexico & Argentina. That makes us rightly proud.
An Intern at Active Bulgarian Society would:
✍️Create content for social media on a daily basis
\uD83D\uDCCCGive regular presentations at local schools and universities
\uD83D\uDDE3Coordinate a team of volunteers and delegate responsibilities
\uD83D\uDD1D Improve skills and competencies for personal, educational and professional development.
➡️ Get practical knowledge of the use of software programs.
➡️ Learn to develop projects, workshops, initiatives, etc.
✍️ Know how to write in a well-structured and smooth style.
➡️ Create events(that support their projects) and posts for social media.
\uD83C\uDDEA\uD83C\uDDFA Receive a certificate issued by the European Solidarity Corps Program.
\uD83C\uDF93 Who can apply? Current Bulgarian-speaking students and graduates:18-30 years old.
\uD83C\uDFE2Place: Mall Of Blagoevgrad/ not online/. We can provide accommodation for the person who is not living in Blagoevgrad.
⏳ Deadline to apply: 15 September 2022.
\uD83D\uDD53Duration - 6 months.
\uD83D\uDCC5Desired start period: September/October 2022.
\uD83D\uDCCCWant to join? Apply here:
⚠️Warning: you will be making an impact & having fun at work. That is potentially addictive.

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